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Level 2: High ropes course operator


Target group: Workers, future workers and seasonal workers on high ropes courses.

Prerequisites: The qualities and prerequisites will be analysed and validated by the mentor.

  • The candidate must be at ease at heights, particularly when suspended in a harness.
  • The candidate must be at ease and able to anticipate elements that could jeopardise the safety of the participants.
  • The candidate must be physically fit to work as a PAH operator and be able to complete the courses.
  • The candidate is responsible, attentive and at ease with the equipment.

A basic knowledge of rope handling is strongly recommended before entering the course.

Objective: According to standard EN 15567-7:2015, the operator is a person who has the skills, knowledge, experience and judgement necessary to supervise satisfactorily the tasks or activities during the practice of a high ropes course.

The operator’s role may include the following tasks:

  • Providing the information necessary for the correct use of equipment and workshops
  • Checking that participants are using the correct equipment
  • Assessing the autonomy of participants on a test course
  • Ensure appropriate levels of supervision
  • Ensure compliance with safety instructions
  • Alert an operator in charge of evacuations, if necessary
  • Provide assistance to participants
  • Carry out routine visual checks


Key activities Abilities
WELCOME, ADVISE, PREVENT Welcoming participants ;

o Presentation of the site and the people in charge ;

o Social facilities (WC, changing rooms, etc.);

o Calling for help and emergency procedures;

o Presentation of safety instructions and responsibilities

EQUIPPING PARTICIPANTS Fitting and checking participants’ equipment (PPE)

Provide the information needed to use the equipment and workshops correctly;

Give instructions to be followed:

o Correct fitting of the harness ;

o Check that the harness is always tight;

o Follow the instructions for each workshop:

SUPERVISING A TEAM OF PARTICIPANTS Supervision by the operator :

o The operator is responsible for safety on his workshops, ensuring that safety instructions are followed;

o Checks that the instructions have been properly understood and assesses the autonomy of the participants on a test course (5 test workshops).

o Provide the appropriate levels of supervision (1, 2 and 3) as defined in standard EN1557-2:2015;

o Checks that participants are using the right equipment in the right way;



Provide assistance to riders;

Manage the emergency alone, or with the help of other competent operators;

Alert an operator in charge of high-level evacuations, if necessary;



Carry out all routine checks on the equipment used, whether PPE or workshops.

Complete the relevant inspection documents.

Carry out all the routes under your supervision.

Stages of the PAH Operator training course and assessments :

  1. Selected candidates attend a 14-hour training course, spread over 2 days, at the end of which they take a theoretical and practical test.
  2. The candidate then becomes a trainee. Plunged into a professional situation in an adventure park, they complete 70 hours of training under the supervision of the Mentor.
  3. At the end of the course, the candidate validates the acquisition of skills in a practical test.

Please note: WANT does not issue a work placement agreement. The trainee must be employed by the structure, and therefore remunerated, during the 70 hours of practical work experience.

Refresher course for PAH operators:

  • The certificate is valid for 18 months.
  • At least half a day of refresher training per year is required to renew the certificate.
  • A higher level of training allows the operator to be upgraded at the same time as being retrained.

The Mentor:

The mentor is an experienced rescue operator who can undoubtedly demonstrate extensive experience in supervising high ropes courses. He/she is capable of carrying out all rescue operations on his site. The mentor is currently undergoing training and refresher courses.


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