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Dear Members,

On 18/05/2021, a bill was approved by the federal government that will introduce new rules on car taxation from 1 July 2023. Here is a summary:

From 01/07/23:

  • Petrol and diesel deductibility will be limited to 50% for hybrid company cars purchased after that date.
  • The deductibility of fossil-fuelled passenger cars purchased between 01/07/23 and 31/12/25 will be capped degressively each year until 2028, where it will be zero.

From 01/01/26:

  • Tax deductibility will no longer be possible for fossil fuel cars purchased after this date.
  • For non-polluting cars (100% electric or other technologies) purchased during 2026, tax deductibility will be 100%, but will decrease in subsequent years.

More information and details can be found in the following article : New regulation on car taxation and charging stations: what are the consequences (


Dear members, dear outdoor tourism operators, here is a sample of useful links for post-flood management.

Walloon Government Decree: Recognition of public natural disasters from 14 to 16 July 2021

Submitting applications to the Disaster Fund: You will find more information on the procedure and conditions here, as well as the form to complete.

Individuals and legal entities have until 18 April 2022 to submit their application for compensation assistance to the Regional Disaster Authority.

Finally, in order to measure the extent of the damage suffered by businesses in the sector as a result of the floods, the OwT and the CGT are joining forces to refine the work involved in assessing the figures for the bad weather. If you are concerned, you are invited to complete their form: here

Other useful information:

We wish our affected partners a speedy return to normal!


Dear outdoor tourism operators, here is an overview of the measures you will find useful in the management of the Covid 19’s health crisis.

Ministerial Order, updated on : 27.07.21

Further useful information is available at the following links:

Let’s share good practices!


A few useful tips before setting off in your kayaks.


Kayaking depends on the weather:

  • In the event of heavy rain, the water level can vary significantly from one day to the next, forcing kayak hire companies to close the activity for safety reasons.
  • In the event of drought, the Walloon Region may prohibit kayaking on the river for environmental protection reasons.

Before setting off, don’t hesitate to ring your kayak hire company or check river openings on the Walloon Region website. HERE


  • Whatever your age or size, a lifejacket is the best way to ensure your safety when kayaking.
  • Make sure you wear appropriate clothing for the day’s Belgian weather: sun cream, cap or jacket and rain hat.
  • We strongly advise you to wear shoes throughout the trip.
  • The river remains natural, so please remain vigilant and behave responsibly towards the flora and fauna and other river users.

Thanks to Contrat-Rivère Ourthe for the visuals.

Link to Kayak legislation:


They say you never forget a bike? So, to each his own, let’s saddle up for an adventure in Wallonia.


  • Briefing: Reminder of the traffic regulations and the rules applying in the forest, distribution of equipment and safety gear (helmet, fluorescent waistcoat, etc.), explanation of the route, changes in altitude, possible difficulties, etc.
  • Ready to go: To each his trail, to each his level. Set off at your own pace and take it easy on your bike.
  • Take a break … A nice viewpoint, a spot in the shade or by the water, and then a little refreshment to get you going again.


  • Comfortable clothing suited to the weather, closed shoes and plenty of water.
  • A word of advice: be careful with the weight of your backpack.