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4910 Theux
Province : Liège


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Forestia is more than just a park, it’s a concept in its own right!
You’ll find 3 major activities: a wildlife park, an adventure park and a climbing park. The animal park invites you to discover more than 300 animals in semi-liberty, divided into around thirty species. The adventure park (for children aged 2 and over) offers 11 tree courses and a giant 120-metre zip line, while the climbing park is a unique concept in Belgium: 6 sections of walls and 12 climbing routes in the forest (for children aged 8 and over, for groups of at least 10 people). And let’s not forget the Forest’bar, a large restaurant-bar with a cool, cosy decor, open for lunch (to park visitors) and dinner (on certain days of the year), overlooking a large play area divided into several zones to suit the age of the children! The little extra: the Forest’shop, the park’s great shop selling fun and natural products that you won’t find anywhere else (or almost anywhere else).

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